Nov 082011
Euro Saloons 2011 - Round 12 Silverstone

Class A Champion after round 12!By the time the final round approached we were in first place in A class. All we needed to do was finish the race to still be in the top three of class. I qualified 7th with a 1:13.6. I decided to come in after posting this decent time.  I […]

Oct 172011
Euro Saloons 2011 - Rounds 10&11 Snetterton

After Round 10 & 11 we move into 1st place in class A! Another round and another track to learn. It was my first time driving the circuit in this configuration although I had been around several of the corners on my first track day several years before in my road car. Qualified a disappointing […]

Sep 012011
Euro Saloons 2011 - Rounds 8&9 Rockingham

After Round 8 & 9 we move into 2nd place in class A! Another round and another track to learn. It was my first time driving the circuit in this configuration although I had been around 3 corners before during the MLR sprint in 2010 in my road car. Very little had changed between the […]

Jul 092011
Euro Saloons 2011 - Rounds 5&6 Pembrey

We had unfortunately missed the last round of the Eurosaloons at Brands Hatch due to the engine experiencing oil surge issues occuring during the Donington round of the Euro saloons championship. I took the decision that it would be worth missing a round to hopefully preserve the engine for the remaining rounds of the series whilst the Norris Designs dry sump kit […]

May 172011
Euro Saloons 2011 - Round 3 Donington

We arrived at a cloudy wet Donington an hour or so before sign on and scrutineering. Fortunately, the rain soon stopped and remained dry for the rest of the event, that was one less thing to worry about. I was quite excited as it was my first time on track at Donington. I spent the […]

Apr 302011
Euro Saloons 2011 - Round 1&2 Silverstone National

Having recently sucessfully completing the ARDS test at Castle Combe earlier in the year this race weekend was to be a continuation of a long list of firsts for me: First time in the car (with the exception of a few laps at a track day several weeks before on 1A tyres); first time with double […]

Feb 202011
18/02/2011 - Passed my ARDS test!

Today I travelled to Castle Combe (18/02/2011) to undertake the ARDS test to determine if I would be able to compete in the 2011 season. I had already passed my medical test earlier in the month and I successfully completed the practical and written parts of the test today. So now I can attend test […]

Jan 182011
Autosport International Show

We popped along to the 2011 Autosport international show on Saturday. We arrived at 9:00 and didn’t leave until after 17:30, having had a great day looking around. It turned out to be an expensive day though as I bought a few items for the upcoming race season from Demon Tweeks (thanks to Paul for his patience). Here […]

Oct 072010
MLR Sprint 2010 - Final - Silverstone

Pre Event We were unsure whether we would be able to make the last round of the MLR Sprint for financial and mechanical reasons but in the end couldn’t resist the competitive yet friendly atmosphere of the MLR Sprint events. We had attended the MLR Castle Combe track day before the big finale and the […]